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Launch 2017


An…. exhale….sigh…. could be anybody’s….except in this very moment, it’s mine!

Years of dreaming… three years of planning and actioning… and today it’s happened… the launching of The Colour Closet, inspired fashion!

Amidst the congratulations and pats on the back, I couldn’t help but reflect on how far I’ve come, and what I’ve gained, and I can truly say the experience, knowledge, insight, and friendships formed in the process far outweigh the disappointments, regrets and losses.

My research began locally and led me off shore to find the right manufacturer to produce my garments. I recall the many telephone calls, emails and meetings. Handshakes and agreements were made, but sadly many turned out to be costly mistakes. I own the mistakes, for many could easily have been avoided had I listened to advice. That was naïve of me. I’ve learned, adapted and moved on. The Colour Closet now manufactures its garments locally.

I am still here, in my canoe…. paddling towards new horizons… On board is a small crew of skilled, hardworking, reliable and fun people who share the vision, and are fuelled with passion, strength, courage and determination.

I acknowledge that the voyage has only just begun. Whilst it may not be smooth sailing all the way and many challenges may lie ahead, we positively hold our gaze on the horizon, for there is much to learn, create, accomplish and enjoy. Faith is our mast and it is raised high.

We warmly invite you on board to share this journey with us.
Here you may find that special something, edgy, different or fun. We, sisters from the Pacific, love wearing bright bold colours. We’re also confident and very comfortable wearing island styles…. muumuu, puletasi, jamba… the way we like and with panache …!!!

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Last but not least, I humbly thank God…

I am also deeply grateful to the very special people in my life, whom I call family, a small close-knit group of respected, inspiring, trusted and accomplished people who share the journey with me. From editing work, advising and mentoring, to listening to my crazy ideas, even the frustations and disappointments. Words don’t do justice when I say, “I’m so, so very blessed to have you”.

Until the next time, be kind to one another.


I am sharing three clips from ‘behind the scenes’ of our first photoshoot. It was a real privilege to have a creative, talented and wonderful team which made the whole day smooth running and a success. Photographer – Paul Maka-Kea; Hair & Make-Up artist – Erin Kelly; Models – Chelsea Cain, Nicola Kemp and Ravai Henderson-Lantin. My thanks also to Scott Gibbs, of Bangalore Polo Club for allowing us access to his club to do a shoot there. The décor and ambience are beautiful and help support our vision regarding the clothing choices made.

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