• November 2018
  • November 2018

November 2018

‘Correction does much, but encouragement does more’.
–     Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


‘We’re all just walking each other home’.
–     Baba Ram Dass


Here in New Zealand, exams have commenced for College students.  For many this will be their final year at school.  They may have mapped out their next few years.  Perhaps even applied to universities or other tertiary training or apprenticeships for further studies or training in pursuit of their goals.  Looking back on the years of learning, performing, studying, surely they weren’t alone on the journey thus far.  I can only imagine the immense support, encouragement and guidance provided by parents, families and friends. Even study groups may have been set up by peers, community or school as part of the ongoing help.

Now parents wait on the sideline, awaiting their childrens’ results come the new year.  I wish to acknowledge both students and parents for their roles and wish them all success!

Kudos also to those wonderful teachers who patiently impart knowledge and see through revisions with encouragement until the last student understands!

Each one of us travels that path each day.  Even those of us in retirement still strive for betterment, whether it’s completing a project or assignment, closing a deal, looking after one’s health, or offering help to someone in need.  We learn, share and, with kindness, make the significant difference in ourselves and one another.



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