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April 2020

“Patience is the companion of wisdom”
Saint Augustine


COVID-19 has brought the world to a lockdown status–something many of us have neither seen nor experienced before.  On NZ, daily updates on what’s been happening here as well as in other countries were enough to convince me of the importance of patience and sacrifice during this time.  When I first learned of the complete lockdown, Level 4, I was aghast, momentarily thinking of my grey hairs’ regrowth–but I quickly got over my precious self!

Many other thoughts went through my mind relating to work, family, commitments, etc. but these paled in comparison.  Something as dangerous and potentially deadly as this coronavirus: yes, I will happily adhere to and observe the guidelines stated under Level 4 in this country and stay home, save my life and others.  Going on five weeks in isolation, in my bubble, and I’m still here, grateful and still careful.  COVID-19 and its impact will remain a talking point for years to come, as it has changed life for many of us.  What we’ve gained, lost, learned, found and taught will be intricately woven into the very fabric of our lives.

With sadness, my heart and mind go out to those who have lost loved ones to the virus.  I thank all essential workers–doctors, nurses, caregivers, land & air emergency workers and officers of law and order.  Important too are the supermarket workers, the staff at foodbanks, the donors of all kinds, and the many others who have tirelessly worked during this time to help and support those who are experiencing despair, sorrow, fear, anguish and uncertainty.

I thank my Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, and her team of professional advisors for guiding our country through this testing time.  Thanks also to the broadcasters, reporters and entertainers for keeping us home-buddies informed and entertained.  Kudos to school teachers for providing online learning support to students.

I admire and applaud the resolute and generous spirit of our many fellow citizens who also stayed home and helped save lives.

Kia Kaha Aotearoa.


Until the next time, be kind to one another.



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