Women's range


life, to live, to be alive

This line presents you with a palette of options for daily life. Whether that’s work, a special engagement, or moving seamlessly from one to the other, you are dressed and stylishly ready to get stuff done, influence people and for whatever the day offers.


happiness, to like, to love, to enjoy

When you’re feeling on top of the world, ready to celebrate, dressing up for a special occasion either in the day or evening, here’s where to look.


home, land, country or island. Represents a connection to that place….

This line helps express identity and culture in indigenous and beautiful designs, prints and motifs. Pacific style wear Muumuu, Puletasi, Jamba fashion of Polynesia, Oceania.



contentment, comfort, ease, peace

When you’re ready to unwind and relax, alone, with someone special, family or friends, celebrate the moment with these flowing, comfortable, beautiful styles and resort wear.

Men's Range

Noa`ia Shirts

A Rotuman greeting that can also express gratitude, appreciation, or congratulations.

Here you’ll find the perfect look for any occasion, day or evening, formal or casual, smart and intriguing!